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Last updated: 10-09-2019

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Artificial Intelligence.. Isn't All That Intelligent — AI Daily - Artificial Intelligence News

Quite the shocking claim; yet, believable, nonetheless. To a world where artificial intelligence has a dominant position in the economy and a predominant role in the lives of each and every human, it’s surprising to consider that it may not be as smart as we believe. But it’s not to say that artificial intelligence is dumb, or incapable of most things. It’s just that society’s beliefs and expectations for artificial intelligence are far, far, far too high. And this simply needs to be disproved, in someway, shape or form.

People claim that artificial intelligence may reach “human-level” intellect in the nearest 10 years. These viewpoints of overestimation have been incorporated in history ever since the mid-1900s. In fact, in an MIT research project in 1966, an undergraduate was claimed to have to create an artificial intelligence model with the vision of a human being in a single summer - an insanely difficult project that he, obviously, could not complete.

They defend these claims by pointing at self-driving cars. Automated airplanes that can go on autopilot the entire flight. Waiter and waitress machine learning robots that operate efficiently and productively. But society simply hasn’t mastered these inventions unlike the media leads people to believe. While some of them exist at light levels and are currently being expanded on, we are very far from having these inventions become normalized in society. There’s a reason no restaurant is fully automated, and not every car on the highway can maneuver without a passenger. It won’t all change in the next 10 years.

Last year, Google took a giant leap and invented Duplex, an assistant that has its own form of human intelligence. While its function appeared simple, the ability to call other human beings and create reservations or purchases for dining or movie tickets, the amount of effort required for it to operate efficiently was incredulous. Google had to design an intricate and complex path for information to be sent from the user to Duplex to perform its actions well enough to be used by anyone. Its presence shows the difficulty in developing AI to match almost a tenth of the intelligence of a human being. To get to 90% or more would be unreal.

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