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Omantel launches Oman’s first Big Data analytics platform TASIL,Oman

Omantel launches Oman’s first Big Data analytics platform TASIL,Oman

Omantel on Tuesday announced the launch of the sultanate’s first highly capable IBM-powered Big Data analytics platform ‘TASIL’, in collaboration with Poland-based technology firm TUATARA.

“The new platform ushers in a new era of advanced location-based timely analytics for clients and partners across the public and private sectors,” Fadi Nasser, general manager – ICT at Omantel, said while announcing the launch at Crowne Plaza Muscat Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.

He said Omantel has teamed up with TUATARA to launch this innovative platform which will enable companies in Oman to launch quick and easy high precision smart marketing campaigns through both mobile and Internet.

Describing features of the new platform, Krzysztof Goworek, chief innovation officer at TUATARA said, “The platform will source data from various sources, and using TUATARA’s path breaking technology, it will analyse the data and predict consumer behaviour on real-time basis thus providing an edge to businesses over their competitors.”

Goworek clarified that while sourcing data, the company would follow strict guidelines about maintaining the consumer privacy. He said, “We are following European regulations on consumer privacy, which is one of the stringiest in the world.”

On the role of TAUTARA, Goworek said the company’s role is to develop and support the product, whereas the marketing aspect of the business would be taken care by Omantel as they have better access to the local market.

Nasser said, “By using this platform companies and businesses will be able to target customers at a time when they are about to take a purchase decision thus maximising the potential of an advertisement.”

Giving an example of a mall, he said, if a mall wants to communicate certain special offers to their customers, “This platform would enable the advertisers to not only identify usual visitors, but also to provide them information about their time of visit, their liking for certain products and preferences.”

He further said, “The platform would allow advertisers to send messages whenever the customers are passing the mall. It also helps a particular company or business owners to identify how many potential customers are physically present near their premises.”

Omantel in a press release said that this new service was launched at the end of February. And in the beginning, access will be limited to the customers invited by Omantel.

“TASIL is an important new service addition to our ICT portfolio. As a part of the continued customer excellence of the dedicated ICT team, a detailed plan for development and support of our clients was commissioned with the introduction of the service. This will enable Omantel ICT to cooperate closely with all users of TASIL, getting to know their ongoing feedback, letting them be a part of the exciting process of TASIL advancement as we seek to continually refine our algorithms,” Nasser added.

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