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Promoting Effective Communication Skills in Students - TeachHUB

Last updated: 06/15/2021

Before I went into administration, I got to teach speech for a couple of years (ten years of teaching technology applications) at the middle school where I taught in Texas. In...

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This Is Not Equal To That: How False Equivalence Clouds Our Judgment

Last updated: 06/08/2021

False equivalence is a type of cognitive bias or flawed reasoning style. False equivalency means that you think (or are told) two things should have equal weight in your...

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Critical thinking and the art of asking a good question

Last updated: 06/02/2021

Welcome to a new issue of “The Educationalist”. This week I want to dive into a topic that we can all relate to, regardless of the discipline we work in, both in our roles as...

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To navigate the dangers of the web, you need critical thinking – but also critical ignoring

Last updated: 05/23/2021

A website’s author may not be its author. References that confer legitimacy may have little to do with the claims they anchor. Signals of credibility like a dot-org domain can...

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8 Ways Parents Can Support Critical Thinking At Home |

Last updated: 04/22/2021

Research agrees that the strongest students emerge from homes supportive in the learning process, and below we’ve listed a few ways parents can support students at home. In 8...

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Understanding, Measuring and Fostering Digital Skills

Last updated: 04/13/2021

KU Leuven The ySKILLS first year in a nutshell The Youth Skills (ySKILLS) project aims to enhance and maximise long-term positive impact of the ICT environment on multiple...

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Why COVID-19 conspiracy theories persist

Last updated: 04/11/2021

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Daniel Roberts hadn’t had a vaccination since he was 6. No boosters, no tetanus shots. His parents taught him inoculations were dangerous, and when the...

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How To Help Your Students Develop A Growth Mindset |

Last updated: 04/09/2021

How To Help Your Students Develop A Growth Mindset For professional development around growth mindset, contact TeachThought Professional Development to bring Jackie Gerstein...

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Essential Learning that Transfers

Last updated: 07/22/2020

This blog is an excerpt from the manuscript of our forthcoming book, Learning that Transfers, publishing March 2021 “Why do we have to know this?” It’s the age-old question...

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7 Critical Thinking Barriers and How to Overcome Them

Last updated: 06/03/2020

It's important to develop critical thinking skills for more than just academic reasons. Substantial critical thinking capacity serves us well in all aspects of our lives. It...

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