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Easing Range Anxiety to Tap New Electric Vehicle (EV) Markets

Easing Range Anxiety to Tap New Electric Vehicle (EV) Markets

In 2022, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers might flounder as their primary audience fears a limited drivable range of EV products. This fear has one name: Range Anxiety.

A huge portion of the electric vehicle sales are lost to stagnation as buyers deliberate over the limited driveable range of EVs. Electric vehicle companies are working hard to find solutions to consumer concerns about range anxiety, but potential buyers remain hesitant.

With revenue stalled, electric vehicle manufacturers cannot realize a world run by green energy. Luckily, there are technologies that can ease range anxiety, allow EV leaders to differentiate their products, and pave the way to greener pastures.

Range anxiety is the fear of having inadequate charge or fuel to reach one’s destination. If not having enough charge to complete a phone call is annoying, imagine not being able to get home because of a dead battery. This is the fear that paralyzes many prospective EV buyers despite electric vehicles having longer mile ranges compared to their internal combustion cousins.

In 2022, we have been conditioned to think of fuel as the way we power up our cars. Most of us carry a whole tank of gas, can refuel our vehicles within minutes, and see gas stations at every exit and intersection. The logistics of carbon-based fuel are deeply ingrained in our way of life and biases the way we consider electric vehicle adoption.

EV drivers think - can we recharge as quickly and as easily as our gas guzzlers? How far can we go before we are forced to stop? Are there even enough charging stations out there? 

We still fear that there are fewer electric vehicle charging stations in comparison to gas stations, even though there are plenty of electric vehicle charging stations to satisfy EV drivers. 

In fact, there is nearly one public charging port for every gas station in the U.S. Meaning it isn’t the charging station infrastructure that is lacking, but the ability to find them when a driver needs one that drives the anxiety. EV drivers are unaware of which charging station to select on their route, uncertain about whether any charging plugs will be available when they reach that station, and don’t have the right tools to minimize the detour needed to get to each station efficiently.

There is also a pervasive lack of standardization and reliability surrounding EV range estimates. Range experiences in everyday life are usually lower than optimistic EPA-rated ranges with an average shortfall of about 20 percent regularly reported.

Clear, accurate, and dependable information can increase trust in EV vehicles and encourage more potential EV adopters to get on the green wave. To provide this pivotal sense of security to customers, EV manufacturers can look to Mapbox.

Mapbox APIs are at the forefront of routing optimization, geographic visualizations, and actionable insights, which can transform the way drivers perceive electric vehicles. Mapbox can provide the reliable information EV drivers, manufacturers, and potential buyers need through energy data analysis, intelligent integration, and user-friendly visualization.

These tools, with their surrounding data and developer ecosystem, are unparalleled in their depth, scope, and flexibility. Developer-focused tutorialsmake implementing solutions easy and provide end users with accurate range estimates, optimized EV routing, and up-to-date charge station mapping.

Mapbox’s EV Routingfeature is a new tool in the Directions API. The feature is right in Mapbox’s wheelhouse: integrating topographical data, road conditions, ambient temperature, and speed limits to optimize electric vehicle routes. Once implemented in a vehicle, this technology integrates battery levels, cabin power needs, and driving patterns to help provide the most accurate range estimates possible.

With a tool for accurately predicting your electric vehicle’s range, end users will be more confident they will reach that next charge station. Mapbox’s proprietary charger graph unlocks rapid real-time updates to predicted range on arrival and charger availability.

On the road to electric vehicle adoption and a green future, Mapbox’s EV routing feature is here to help manufacturers deliver reliable information, eliminate fears, and put more people in electric cars.

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