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Freelance Data Journalists in The World Bank Data Team

Freelance Data Journalists in The World Bank Data Team

You'll be writing for the World Bank's most widely accessed channels, and reaching a global audience on the web and social media. You should be curious, meticulous and have good communication judgement. You’ll be working on pieces that are timely & topical, as well as sharing ideas about development you think more people should know about.

You’ll be working with internal clients, and developing your own ideas, working from “pitch to publication”. You'll be keen to collaborate with others, to think deeply about both data and measurement issues, and to help shape our communication style and approach.

You’ll be good at managing, analyzing, interpreting and visualizing data. You should be able to solve any routine data-related problem you encounter using modern programming languages, libraries and tools. We use a lot of R and Python, and keep Excel and Stata within reach.

You’ll be comfortable producing high-quality charts & visualizations, the occasional richer interactive graphics and know when to use which. For simple web graphics, we use Datawrapper, and for anything else use R & ggplot2 and D3 with some occasional hand-finishing in Illustrator too. You'll also be familiar with modern HTML/CSS/JS libraries, tools like static site generators and the art of making content work on different devices and in different languages (e.g. French, Arabic or Chinese).

You'll have a good grasp of statistics and be happy talking to statisticians and economists (you'll be surrounded by them!) to check or refine your thinking. You’ll be well organized in your research and be committed to developing a solid understanding of an issue and the data related to it before writing about it for a general audience.

You’ll have at least a bachelor's degree, some familiarity with the field of development economics, and at 1-2+ years of experience doing something similar.

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