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Demystifying artificial intelligence

Last updated: 02/03/2020

Natalie Lao was set on becoming an electrical engineer, like her parents, until she stumbled on course 6.S192 (Making Mobile Apps), taught by Professor Hal Abelson. Here was a...

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Considering Most Common Slip-ups Disrupting Data Science Practices

Last updated: 02/02/2020

There is no doubt that data is a new currency today and almost every business across industries rely on data to bolster decision making, product development and overall business...

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Business Strategy For Data Scientists

Last updated: 01/30/2020

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels Business Strategy For Data Scientists Learn the Basics of Business Strategy Before You Start Machine Learning Oct 30, 2019 · 11 min read Data...

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Some Common Data Science Stacks

Last updated: 01/27/2020

Organizations have different combinations of similar technologies to create their own unique stack. But there are some trends going around and if you’re starting a new team,...

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The 14 Best Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms for 2020

Last updated: 01/27/2020

Solutions Review’s listing of the best data science and machine learning platforms (and related products) is an annual mashup of products we think best represent current market...

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What is Decision Intelligence?

Last updated: 01/24/2020

Introduction to Decision Intelligence Aug 2, 2019 · 13 min read Curious to know what the psychology of avoiding lions on the savannah has in common with responsible AI...

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What's The Difference Between BI Analyst and Data Scientist? | 7wData

Last updated: 01/23/2020

This is still the #1 question I get from many  data warehouse and Business Intelligence folks.  I use to show Figure 1 (BI Analyst vs. Data Scientist Characteristics chart,...

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How Good Data Scientists Contribute For Social Causes | John Snow Labs

Last updated: 01/21/2020

These days the abundance of Big Data is helping philanthropists and Data Scientists for Good to solve any kind of social problem. Here’s how it all started. The prospects to...

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Why Is Data Science Different than Software Development? It Starts with Data…Lots o’ DATA!!

Last updated: 01/20/2020

Data science development is very different from software development, and getting the two to mesh is sometimes like trying to cobble together Tinker Toys with Lincoln Logs.  One...

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Why Does Data Science Matter in Advanced Image Recognition?

Last updated: 01/19/2020

Image recognition typically is a process of the image processing, identifying people, patterns, logos, objects, places, colors, and shapes, the whole thing that can be sited in...

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