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Influencer marketing bubble isn't about to blow off anytime soon

Last updated: 06/26/2020

There was a time in the business world, where the internet economy was the only thing economist talked about. The stock market was growing exponentially. An era that would later...

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5 Ways To Build A Smarter B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy

Last updated: 06/22/2020

What does it take to create smart B2B influencer marketing campaigns that deliver measurably strong marketing results? How do brands and businesses begin partnering with...

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Influencer Marketing: How to Go Deeper with Influencer Content

Last updated: 06/21/2020

Why do you evenneeda content person for influencer marketing? After all, the influencers are providing the content. You just have to collect their pearls of wisdom, make them...

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How to Make Influencer Marketing a True Collaboration

Last updated: 06/02/2020

Influencer marketing has experienced explosive growth in recent years. Previous projections had it estimated to become a$15 billion market by 2022,and that was before the rapid...

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What is a Micro Influencer and How to Find Them | NeoReach Blog

Last updated: 05/26/2020

If you are a smaller brand, looking to jump into influencer marketing but don’t have a large budget, you should consider working with micro influencers. Maybe you’ve tried...

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10 Ways to Train and Elevate Your Marketing Self

Last updated: 05/15/2020

Covid-19 has impacted every industry, institution, and organization. Even the most established brands have had to readjust their strategies moving forward, including laying off...

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4 Questions You Should Ask Before Investing in Influencer Marketing

Last updated: 05/14/2020

is alive and well. It’s thriving, in fact. According to Mediakix, "89 percent of marketers have reported that ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other...

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How Influencers Can Help Your Brand Image in a Recession

Last updated: 05/14/2020

Chances are that if you’re not actively planning or already executing your Covid-19 pivot, you’re determining how the recession is going to impact future campaign plans for...

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Brands and Retailers Are Changing Their Approach to Influencer Marketing

Last updated: 05/11/2020

As the pandemic continues to alter consumer behavior, some brands and retailers are shifting influencer marketing initiatives to highlight products and services that are now in...

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Tips for Building a Business in a Recession

Last updated: 05/06/2020

Calm seas never made a great sailor, and in March 2009, I unintentionally broached into a tsunami. It was the bottom of the recession, and two engineers from Purdue University...

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