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Digital Transformation Will Help Business Rethink Their Practices - Compare the Cloud

Last updated: 02/19/2020

According to Tech Pro Research, 70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. A conscious effort is being made by organisations...

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Deep reinforcement learning for supply chain and price optimization

Last updated: 02/15/2020

Deep reinforcement learning for supply chain and price optimization Data Science Supply chain and price management were among the first areas of enterprise operations that...

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Can Artificial Intelligence Humanize Patient Care? - ReadWrite

Last updated: 02/14/2020

One of the big battles being waged in healthcare today centers around the limited amount of genuinely personalized care available for a large number of patients who need it. The...

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The Benefits of Building Predictive Analytics on Unified Customer Data | 7wData

Last updated: 02/11/2020

Predictive customer lifetime value (CLV) is a key element in modern marketing analytics, allowing marketers to prioritize customers that have the highest predicted business...

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The way to predictive analytics: creating data infrastructure

Last updated: 02/10/2020

The current lack of data infrastructure means there’s not enough data to build high performance machine learning. Yet, this is the precursor to AI. The AI conversation tends...

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Why is Data Science so Popular?

Last updated: 02/10/2020

As the world entered the era of the internet, the sharing of data, the storing of data, basically the era of data also came. When big data arrived at the stage, the need for its...

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How to Use Customer Behavior Data to Drive Revenue > TheCustomer

Last updated: 02/08/2020

Guest Contributor February 5, 202047 min How Amazon, Netflix & Google leverage customer behavior data and analytics to drive customer acquisition, retention & growth. According...

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Using Predictive Analytics To Discover And Protect Sensitive Enterprise Data

Last updated: 02/07/2020

Using Predictive Analytics To Discover And Protect Sensitive Enterprise Data How AI Is Used For Data Risk Management Jeff Orr 07/03/2019 Data is creating new value for...

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The power of data science and predictive analytics - AnalyticsWeek

Last updated: 02/05/2020

Data science and predictive analytics are becoming as essential a part of the retail arsenal as points of contact for consumers, and assistants on the ground. As consumers...

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5 Soon-to-Be Trends in Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning

Last updated: 02/04/2020

McKinsey predicts AI leaders will see up to double the cash flow. We can see some evidence of this in Alphabet’s revenue segment, Other Bets, which includes many AI...

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