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Data Science In Marketing – How Much It’s Worth And Where To Get Trained

Last updated: 01/22/2021

When you think of marketing departments, the usual suspects probably come to mind. Developers and designers, copywriters, marketing strategists, and social media managers. But...

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Rethinking Fast and Slow in Data Science

Last updated: 01/20/2021

The tension between long-term planning and short-term flexibility is everywhere, including data science methodology. Is it possible for product development teams to reconcile...

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Building a Better Machine Learning Team

Last updated: 01/18/2021

The team who gets the business through the prototype and proof of concept phases, is not the same as the team who will monetize machine learning. This key concept is a starting...

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Data Science 2021 Trends: What to Expect

Last updated: 01/08/2021

2020 was a strange year and no one could have predicted what would happen. When we looked at trending topics around... 2020 was a strange year and no one could have predicted...

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How to turn IoT data science into real business value | 7wData

Last updated: 01/06/2021

You’ve succeeded in connecting your devices, which are now dutifully publishing IoT data to the cloud. Now you’re in a position to remotely monitor and control your equipment in...

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Bridging Data Science and Business Intuition

Last updated: 01/04/2021

Target corporation’s massively profitable data science project threw them into the news spotlight a few years back. Their story makes for a valuable case study in bridging data...

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The 9 concepts and formulas in probability that every data scientist should know

Last updated: 12/30/2020

Probability is the likelihood of an event occurring; it is a mathematical model to describe random phenomena. In other words, probability is a branch of mathematics that...

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Machine Learning Basics. What to Learn, Before You Learn About Data Science.

Last updated: 12/27/2020

This is my answer to the question, “Where do I start so I can become a Data Scientist?” Educational content overlooks the need to “Learn Before You Learn.” Diving in without...

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The Role of Data Science Initiative in Transforming the Industry

Last updated: 12/24/2020

Data science is the most advanced transformative tool currently available among business owners. No wonder organizations are increasingly moving toward data-driven decision...

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Why Math is Vital for a Career in Data Science and AI

Last updated: 12/23/2020

The future we have seen in science fiction movies is here. From virtual reality to functional gadgets, AI has invaded our... The future we have seen in science fiction movies...

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